I like ASOS. Some of my favourite clothes are from there and I love that you can buy loads of brands in one go. I have had a few crap bits from there that have fallen apart or washed really badly but in general i’ve liked shopping there. Their customer service is pretty good – I gave up on emailing them but contacting them on twitter has always got a speedy reply and a good outcome.

Here are a few things I am coveting from the asos site at the moment – Im thinking of investing in these things when I get paid because I really love all of them! I am having such a bad wardrobe life at the moment – despite owning so many things I love looking at, as soon as I put them on I feel drab and hideous and so have been living in just a few bits at the moment. I would love someone to come in and plan me some outfits so all I had to do was get up and put on a ready made outfit every morning!

Gorgeous Dahlia Dress

Dahlia funnel necked mac – I think this is beyond beautiful buuuut it might not be the most practical thing to be buying as it gets colder and colder?!

Darling dress – I have a feeling that this may not look so flattering on but I love purple and it looks so beautiful and floaty and romantic.

I am in love with this dress – at £85 it doesnt come cheap but it looks amazing. I think it is gorgeous

I keep flitting back to this coat. It isnt a shape I normally go for, the lightish colour isnt one i’d pick and the length is a bit frustrating but for some reason I love it. I keep clicking on it and adding it to my basket but then never buy it. I dont know what it is about it that keeps drawing me to it!?

Just a quick round up of the last few days:

- I have slept for 21 hours in the last day which is insane. I think that all my sleep deprivation from the week caught up with me and that, combined with the m.e. just knocked me out. I got into bed at 5pm on Friday intending to nap for about an hour and then watch the Big Brother finale but ended up asleep until 4am when the boy came in. Fell back asleep and woke up at bout midday then napped again for a few more hours! I am still so so tired though. I think that because I am so stressed out during the week I never sleep more than a few hours and it just hits me.

- Have become addicted to coco pops – they are just so good!

- new sociology year 12s are lovely and lots of boys! normally it is a very female heavy group but this is the opposite which should be interesting.

- boy is leaving for Korea on Thursday. He is only gone for 2 weeks but it will still be the longest we have been apart. I am looking forward to sleeping all weekend and having the bed to myself and eating cereal for dinner but will miss him so much.

hope everyone is ok xxx

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