I know i’m pretty late to the VMA party but that’s only because it has taken me this long to get the vomit taste out of my mouth – nearly every outfit made me back away in horror. I’m not sure if there was some kind of prize for the worst outfit a star could rock up in or if everyone there lost a bet or something but every outfit was disgusting. In order to preserve your eyes I am only going to show a few. You have been warned.

um. you know, katy perry is really beautiful – she has so much going on for her and yet this is what she chose to wear? It is a million kinds of tacky and hideous. Plus the hair? It’s like a 5 year old struck gold with those hair mascaras that were all the rage a while back.

Ke$ha. This is almost as bad as your name. I don’t get the hair, I don’t get the fur bit. The only saving grace is her disgusted face – it’s like she caught sight of herself in the mirror and agrees with how awful she looks.

Evan Rachel Wood – So close to being good but ends up being terrible. not sure if it’s the boots or the belt.

Ashley Greene – no no no.

Ciara – love, no one will want to ‘ride it’ after this.

Robyn. What the hell is this? the shoes, the body suit thing, the coat she swiped from a top gun tribute set. urgh, it’s all disgusting.

There was only one outfit that didn’t make me want to rip my own eyes out. Step up Florence..

It isn’t even that amazing – it’s just passable and stood out amongst the crapness of everything else on the night.

All in all, pretty disappointing as award shows go!

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