I am out of my hideous mood now. I don’t like being grumpy; I don’t think it suits me very well! I have so much to be stressed about – big department review at school, crazy literacy tasks, marking, blah blah – but I am ignoring it all. It seems to working a right treat.

I got paid today and was very excited about shopping after work but I couldn’t find a SINGLE thing to buy. Seriously. Every shop was depressing and dreary and full of stuff I wouldn’t even sleep in let alone wear out in public in daylight hours.

I have made a list of things I want to buy so now it is just a case of finding them! If you have any ideas let me know and I will love you forever.

- Coat. I am so fussy with coats and as I have so many already It is hard to find one that makes me go ooooh. I’m looking for a military style one with gold buttons, wool, down to the knees (I’m not a fan of short jackets – think they look shit) and navy blue. Will settle for black.



These two are my dream coats but I can’t find them anywhere. The Luella one is just beautiful but I love the shape of the Wallis one. It’s so ladylike and lovely!

- Bag. I am using a chav-tastic studded one at the moment but as I cart around my whole life in my bags, it is starting to fall apart. (If I ever got stranded on a desert island I would be set for weeks. I always have snacks, water, make up, purse, phone, keys, headphones, book, magazine, rings, spare tights, toothbrush.. the list is endless. ) I have given up on satchels as the ones I have tried so far have fallen apart after a few days. I love the Mulberry Alexa but it is too done now. I want something pretty, leather, big and maybe colourful.

- Full on full skirted fifties style dresses. I bought a few on asos today but I am still holding out for the PERFECT one!

The Prada print collection is one of my favourite ever collections. I want every single dress and could see myself wearing them all.

This one is just insanely beautiful.

I am hoping the highstreet will come up with some affordable versions of these. Marks and Spencers have this one which is quite nice:

and at £59 it is much more affordable and doesn’t mean I would need to give up buying food as I would with the Prada one.

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