- Today I went to the dentist – I am terrified of the dentist;  For some reason I can hack the pain of numerous tattoos and piercings in pretty private areas, I can stretch my ears up, I can have fortnightly blood tests and injections but can I sit still at the dentist? No. Not a chance.  Even when they were just looking at my teeth with that little weird thing that blows cold air on you I was spazzing out. I nearly bit her hand at one point. I always feel extra pressure to be normal as well because they have that nurse person there, staring at you, judging you, but then I do something stupid like bite down so hard I break that stupid x ray thing they put in your mouth or fall out of the chair when they bring the scrapey thing near me. Because of this fear my normal dentist has fired me (first my driving instructor and now my dentist..) so I now have to go to a private one who is nicer and less mean but still a dentist so the Antichrist in my eyes. I need to have some work done on my teeth – 2 fillings and one removed and that little treat is going to cost me £525.  I nearly fainted and wished I had bitten her hand at that point. But worse than forking over more than I pay in rent for a month is the fact that I actually have to go through with the pain and treatment now. The boy is taking me so I can’t wimp out and do a runner. Boohoo me.

- I need to buy some new bras. I love underwear shopping. There is something exciting about knowing you are wearing gorgeous underwear and no one knowing! Plus if I ever got hit by a bus I’d be fine. Not that being hit by a bus means everyone would see my underwear but you know what I mean. My lovely friend (who is probably reading this and knows who she is and who needs to stop ignoring me!) used to work in La Senza so we used to get cheap beautiful bras from her. I love La Senza bras, they always fit really nicely and look so expensive and luxurious without actually being overly expensive. I have an easy size (34DD) yet so many stores don’t stock it or it is the first one gone. These are my favourites at the moment; all from La Senza

- It is properly cold now. Shops have lots of Christmas things in and I am starting to think about what to put on my wish list! I love this time of year – I always wish for snow because snow is my favourite thing ever.

I also love Christmas – I love buying people presents and decorating the house and I love receiving cards (it makes me feel like a proper grown up for some reason? forget the house, the ‘real’ job or the shared cats – it is getting Christmas cards and food shopping that makes me feel old)

- I need to invest in some boots. I get such cold feet this time of year and would like to hang on to my toes. There are lots around but I just can’t find any I love. Heels are out unless the Bambi on ice look is in and no one told me. I like the idea of fur lined ones but I have a feeling I’d look less catwalk and more Chewbacca. I’d like some that flatter my legs without cutting me off at the calf or coming up so high that I look like I service business men in my lunch hour. Tricky

Here are a few pairs that trusty ASOS has thrown up – I love the idea of fur lined Dr Martens but I think I’d look stupid in them..

I always see girls out rocking the boots and dress combo and think wow, I love those boots but by the time my head realises this the girl has wandered off and i don’t want to be a weirdo running down the street after her to find out where she got them. If you think you have nice winter boots please wear a sign saying where you got them from to help out girls like me!

- I have a new found love for Warehouse. When I first started teaching Warehouse was my go to shop for smart but still cute dresses to wear to school and they last so well that I still have them all looking as nice as they did on the day I bought them! I don’t live near one anymore though so they kind of fell off my radar.  They have so many amazing black dresses in at the moment that I ADORE though so I think some online shopping may be in order!

They also have this beauty


which is FIT and only £10!

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