Welcome back Topshop.

I have been pretty disappointed with Topshop the last few times I have been in there, finding it all a bit too fashion victim-y. However! Today whilst browsing on the website I saw about a million things I would love to own! Thank God Topshop is back in the running of stores to visit when out shopping – I was getting a bit bored with Primark, H+M and New Look!

Here is a much whittled down list of the bare essentials I need to have in my wardrobe RIGHT NOW!

Oh my goodness – so much beauty! I am loving velvet right now – but only when it is done just right. I kind of think it has to be a bit expensive, a bit luxuriant. The cheaper velvet things out there just look a bit tacky and awful on. The top dress is £95 which is a bit steep but oh so darling – the little collar, the shape, it is beautiful! I actually already own the second one and love it but had to include it! The pink one is a bit odd on but I love the neckline and the idea of it even if it makes me look awful. I am in love with the coat – I love tulip shapes on my figure and the colour is so easy to wear. The white and black one is another um and ahh one – it looks and feels so cheap in real life but I just can’t get it out of my head!

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