I have finished my Easter revision classes now so am free to enjoy the holidays! Well, mostly free – have to write a few essays for my masters which are due in at the beginning of May but they shouldn’t take too long ( fingers crossed!) I seriously can’t believe I agreed to do a part time masters alongside working full time; such a stupid idea. I never have a spare second and it is constantly hanging over my head.

- My year 11s were more interested in talking about how rubbish a theory Evolution is than revising yesterday which was a bit of a worry! I kept trying to steer them back on course but they were having none of it. So many of them are really religious so to them the idea of Evolution is lol worthy. I only had boys turn up to my year 11 session which was a bit daunting at first as I had lots of trouble makers but they were actually lovely. I think without the girls to impress they were just chilled out and so nice to teach!

- My year 12s were amazing; I love them so much. I think that my year 12 Sociology class are my favourite students I have ever taught. They are amazing – I normally really like my students but this group feels really together and friendly which makes them lovely to teach. I am hoping so hard that they all revise over the holidays as they are all capable of great grades but some are so lazy and are more likely to get drunk or stoned than open a textbook or read their notes.

- Cosmo has pissed me off this month – it is their ‘body issue’ where they spout some shit about how every woman should love themselves whatever their shape and then piss all over that idea by only showcasing models who are a size 8 and under. What kind of message is that? Ridiculous. They have Kim Kardashian on the cover proclaiming ‘ I have cellulite, so what!?’ Good for you love but I feel bad that she feels the need to defend something that 90% of women have and yet I remember the media frenzy that surrounded some untouched images of her . The editor also writes a gushing letter about how ‘real’ and amazing Kim is. ALL WOMEN ARE REAL!! I hate this idea that thin girls aren’t as feminine or sexy as the curvy ones; we need to be supporting and encouraging the love for all shapes not promoting one at the expense of the other.

I am really freaked out that a website is selling these T shirts for little girls. What the fuck? What prat thought that this slogan was a great one for young impressionable girls to splash across their chests?With eating disorders among children rising every year the last thing we need is to give those suffering a bloody group t shirt and motto

- The Daily Mail has run an article about my lady love Christina Hendricks today

‘Her mouth open wide, the fork disappearing inside, it’s clear that Christina Hendricks loves her food.’ Wow. ‘Tucking into them with glee, Christina showed none of her fellow actress’s worries about her weight.’ And why bloody should she? By writing this it is like they are implying that she should be worrying about her weight. It is a subtle, horrible dig.

How amazing does Adele look on the cover of Rolling Stone? I adore Adele; her voice is haunting and beautiful and I could listen to her albums forever. I also love that she hasn’t given in to the media pressures surrounding her and lost tons of weight like other stars. She always stresses how her weight has nothing to do with her music and so why should she look a certain way? I think it’s a bit unfair of the Mail to say ‘She’s the larger than life singer who has enjoyed phenomenal success so far this year.’ Why do we need to mention her weight at all?



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