Time seems to be disappearing so quickly at the moment; I only have two weeks until the end of term – how is that possible!? It feels like only yesterday I was drowning in a sea of marking and Ofsted preparation and now I’m just two weeks away from summer! Crazy. For the last week my school has something called ‘creativity week’ where all the students are off timetable and we divide them into groups who all do individual projects like carnivals, dancing, mural painting etc and it’s brilliant. It also means that I actually only have one more teaching week left!

Of course that means that I am also only just over two weeks away from going on holiday – Germany and Italy and then four weeks away from moving! Argh! I haven’t even thought about packing for either of those things yet which is bad!

I have found a new shopping addiction; forget dresses and make up – my new thing is home accessories. I never thought bedding and kitchen utensils could get me so excited but they bloody do! There is something so comforting about buying bits for a new house; I have lived with my boyfriend for years now but every time we move I get all excited and start hoovering up throws, scatter cushions and ornaments. I feel all grown up!

This week saw the premiere of the LAST EVER Harry Potter film – sob. I am a massive HP fan; I haven’t gone as far as tattooing a golden snitch or the hallows sign on me yet but I have read the books about a million times each and I adore them. The films seem quite separate to me as they have changed a few bits and some of the cast get on my nerves as they are not like what I had in my head but, that said, they are pretty good as far as trashy, light entertainment films go. The dresses last night were beautiful; here are some of my favourites:

I think Emma looked gorgeous yesterday; both in the bottom Oscar De La Renta gown and the Elie Saab shorter number.

Not a great picture but I loved Bonnie’s dress; it suited her colouring and looked amazing accessoried with her fiance, Jamie. ( I am loving Camelot by the way; am I the only person watching it!?)

Love, love love this.

Also; this picture is so cute it nearly broke my heart;

- Kate and William have had every second of their Canada trip stalked and documented in the press this week; baby bump watch is out in full force; clearly having fulfilled one of society’s expectations by getting married, Kate needs to get her skates on and get up the duff as soon as now to placate the masses. Every time she so much as glanced at a child or accepted a bunch of wilting flowers the press were all over it ready to start spouting bullshit about how she is desperate to be a mum. I’m sure she is but I’m also sure she is just enjoying this time with her husband so can’t we just leave it be? It seems like society deems women as faulty or defective if they somehow don’t start dropping babies the minute they get married and it’s fucked up. We don’t judge men in the same way; we don’t caption an image of William shaking hands with a four year old with the words ‘ Broody Wills desperate for an heir’ do we? No; because men don’t have to put up with that crap. Men don’t get other men looking at them with pity, confusion and disappointment if they say they don’t want children. It seems like a woman’s self worth is determined by her ability to reproduce which is ridiculous; I have a feeling that now the wedding is done and dusted babygate will become the new royal obsession. If Kate so much as eats a big lunch from here on out the press will be there to capture her food baby stomach and plaster pregnancy stories everywhere.

I have loved everything Kate has worn on her trip but this Jenny Packham dress is by far my absolute favourite. It is beautiful;

- Am off to Bristol this weekend for my friend’s birthday which should be lovely! She is having a children’s birthday party theme with jelly and goody bags; perhaps this could be construed as a worrying sign of regression and a fear of growing up but sod it; I’m going for the finger food buffet!

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  • Simone

    I’m watching Camelot but can’t seem to find anyone else who is!

    I’ve been married for 2 and a half years now and I am fed up of being asked when I’m having children. What if the answer is never? Grr!

    • em

      I love Camelot! It is my new obession but no one seems to be into it!? What’s going on!? I love Eva Green in it; she is amazing. It seems that we are worthless to society unless we have a baby in each arm! What about our successes at work? What about celebrating our relationships as they are? I would love children but hate this pressure; every magazine and newspaper seems to have a baby agenda at the moment and it is insane! xxx

      • Simone

        I don’t read magazines or newspapers – I find them insulting to be honest! It’s the pressure from friends and family to conform to social norms when it comes to having children that riles me. So what is Aunt Jane had eight kids by my age (27)? Perhaps that was her greatest desire! It isn’t mine.

        The thing is, there are some people who yearn for nothing more than to be a baby making machine and when they achieve that they’re viewed as somehow missing out on all the other things life has to offer. I’ve spent my 20s experiencing some amazing things and I’m apparentl missing out on motherhood. We just can’t win!

        • em

          I think that is the crucial issue; we either decide to have children or we decide to have successful careers; the two aren’t really meant to go side by side and the problems start when we try to do both things perfectly and mess up. I don’t think I can give my job 100% if I had children at home with a nanny, missing out on all the little things just liek I don’t think i could be a great mother if I am constantly worrying about work and what needs to be done. We aren’t taught about this; just buried under mountains of pressure and expectation. If a woman decides to focus on her career, society labels her as lacking in someway; just like if a woman stays home with her children she is seen as unimportant and dull. It is so fucked up xxxxx