I love award ceremonies; I love the dresses, the hair, the make up – just the glamour of it all. I always wear dresses – am probably overdressed for everything but I don’t care because they make me feel amazing.

The Golden Globes 2012 were fantastic; I loved so many of the red carpet gowns. Below are my favourites, the middle of the road ones I wasn’t overly keen on and the ones I full on hated. I have chosen three that smashed it for me ( yes I think I am Kelly Rowland); three dresses that made me stop and gasp out loud for being so spectacular – hope you agree!



Love these all so much. The yellow one is so in your face but the fit and fact that it is sequinned makes it a winner for me. I love Michelle’s leopard print number; it’s playful and unique. Kate always looks like a goddess to me and this dress is lovely. Structured and a lovely colour. Rooney is so beautiful that anything she wears would look fantastic and I love the slicked back hair and almost bow-like detail on the front of the dress. Jessica Alba is a woman who seems to just radiate happiness. She looks equally amazing in jeans and a jumper. Bitch.



I hate putting dresses into this category but needs must! I really dislike the tie dye of SMG’s monstrosity. Certain parts of it look well fitted but the whole thing is a mess. Lea looks like she has some kind of skin disorder going on even though I like the colour and idea of hers. I really hate Kate’s dress. One of the worst for me as was Charlize’s Dior number. A lot of people are saying it is the dress of the night which is probably why I’m not a fashion critic but I detest it. These are just too fussy, too flouncy, too much. Ick.



There is nothing really wrong with these dresses as such. They just don’t stand out to me really. I think all the woman look lovely but just not stand out wow like some of the other dresses of the night.


These three dresses are crazy good. I love Jessica’s so so much; the detailing, the lace, the back necklace part. Everything about it is intricate and beautiful. I could look at it all day. Emma Stone looks ridiculously good; she is fast turning into my newest girl crush. This dress is gorgeous – the belt keeps it young and edgy ( hate that word) and the colours are great with her hair. I love it.

I think Kim just looks incredible. Her skin, her body – it’s all good in this dress. It is so simple yet so beautiful on.

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