We are introducing a new dress code at work. They want us to wear suits or ‘smart’ workwear. At the moment I am queen of the floral dress and long cardi combo. I usually pile on a few long necklaces and as much make up as I can slap on my face in an attempt to look less like the undead. I only wear dresses and a few of my students have commented that they never see the same one twice which is either a lie or massively worrying – though would explain my bank balance.

I am really struggling to find nice work wear. ASOS has a section called suits and blazers but it contains such ‘work friendly’ gems as this one which I don’t think would go down too well with my line manager..

I have been scouring all my usual websites but can’t find anything I like. It all seems too ‘fashion forward.’ Floral skin tight suits, low cut lace tops that look more like underwear. Pencil skirts that would look more at home on a burlesque stage. I don’t suit suits at all – am too busty and they make me look boxy or like I am wearing a school uniform. The closest I could get to liking anything online stores had to offer were these outfits from Oasis

The second one is gorgeous – I love the colours and overall feel of the outfit but I don’t think it is quite right. Sheer is a bit too daring to be worn in front of teenage boys I think.

Where do you buy nice workwear nowadays?!

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  • Emma

    Zara is usually pretty good for workwear. Not too pricey either. H&M and Gap are worth a look too, they have some nice separates x

    • em

      Thank you love, will have a look. My friend mentioned Gap as well so will definitely head there! xxx

  • Simone

    Hmf, I am somewhat annoyed on your behalf that you can’t wear dresses anymore. Working for HMRC means I can wear anything I want because the union would have a field day if they imposed restrictions but it sounds like I dress much like you! Most heard comment? “Ooh, is that another new dress Simone?!” Ha!

    • em

      I think I will be able to wear dresses but they might have to be militant, tailored things :-( I think I always look ‘nice’ – not inappropriate or provocative in any way so this new dress code is annoying! I get that we need to present a smart front to parents though. I get that comment a lot too! I just love dresses though, they are so easy to throw on and look like you have made an effort! xxxx