I’m a massive Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan – I remember watching it with my BFF when we were teens and fan-girling all over Spike. Well, I was all about Spike, she liked Angel (ick) It was just brilliant. The writing was fantastic, the characters were brilliant and I loved how it was a little bit tongue in cheek as well. It never took itself too seriously.

Spike is one of my favourite characters ever. James Marsters is a brilliant actor and really made Spike the best he could possibly be. For the first few months of blogging my titles were all Spike quotes (oh yeah) and every now and again I dust off my old Buffy dvds and re watch the whole lot. I love season 3 and 5 the most but could happily watch any.

I found the video below on youtube and had to share; it’s amazing!

Also, this video is amazing and one of my favourite songs ever

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