I can’t decide what I enjoyed more today; a student telling me to ‘f*ck off and shut my mouth’ or when my year 10s decided to talk for 35 minutes solidly – in the end I started marking year 12 essays instead. I am a teacher, not a babysitter. I could have shouted at them, could have told them how important their GCSE’s are. Could have threatened them with detention or a phone call home. I have done that and more with them every lesson and nothing works. So now I wait. I am not paid to teach them manners, their parents should do that. I can teach them to get an A in their exam. I can teach them how to structure essays, how to use religious arguments in exams. What I can’t teach them apparently, is how to be quiet and listen. I shouldn’t have to but yet that seems to be what most of us at school have to do every lesson. It is frustrating and makes me so tired, I can’t bear it. Where are the excited, eager to learn students I was promised during my training?

My life seems to revolve around work and wedding planning at the moment. Yes, wedding. Despite trying to convince the boy that a moonlight trip to Vegas would do, we have decided to have a wedding. I love him too much to ask him to marry me without our friends and families there to watch. We are trying to do it all ‘our way’ without the usual fluff that pisses me off so much about weddings. We are having it in a barn with kegs of cider and ale. We are toying with the idea of having a pub quiz and a guitar hero tournament. Our friends can camp over. We want a hog roast and vintage crockery. I don’t want speeches or cringe worthy photos of me as a baby. I hate wedding cake. I purchased a wedding magazine recently and they had a cake for £2,500 as if it were the most normal thing in the world. £2,500 for a CAKE?! No one evens eats the bloody cake!!! We also saw dresses for £5000, venues for £8,000 plus. It is crazy what people will pay for an empty room and a dress they will wear once!

And that leads us on to the dress… I am thinking of having two. One for the ceremony and one for the reception. I love the idea of changing mid way through – I do that at parties so why not my own wedding?! I want my bridesmaids to wear amazing dresses and ballerina buns. It is exciting but daunting. There is so much to do. Things I hadn’t even thought of. What on earth is ‘giving notice?!’

I have become addicted to pinterest. Feel free to add me; I mostly pin wedding inspiration and home ideas. I am anygirlfriday on there.

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