I love dresses. You already know that but it’s worth mentioning again! I love throwing on a dress and being ready to go. As I mentioned before, my school is introducing a new, smarter dress policy. I am not a suit person at all – they are too boxy on me and as someone with ‘curves’ ( big boobs) shirts just emphasis that and make me feel uncomfortable. They either gape at the chest but sit nicely everywhere else or are baggy and shapeless in order to fit the girls in. With that in mind, I am going to just ‘upgrade’ my dress choices – I’m going to go for slightly smarter, slightly more expensive (and therefore, hopefully better quality) dresses. The following are all from ASOS and are what I am lusting after at the moment – not all of them are work friendly but all are amazing!

Love this NW3 ponti dress – would be so nice for work as I could add a necklace or gold belt.

Another NW3 dress – this print is lovely and I like wearing green as it compliments my red hair!

Dark green leopard print? Yes please! I adore this Whistles dress. I like the length and having the longer sleeves means no need for a cardigan. Perfect as my classroom gets so hot at times.

This Markus Lupfer dress is beautiful. At £355 it’s not one that will be making it’s way into my wardrobe any time soon sadly as it is a bit too short for work. A girl can lust though!

This is an Oasis dress so much more purse friendly at £65. It has little dragonflies on it as well which appeals to my love of animal dress prints!

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